T r u d y P a r m i t e r C u n n i n g h a m

Trudy is a wife and mother of three beautiful children. She is presently a Registered Massage Therapist, has a practical nursing background and has recently completed her Birth Doula certification with DONA International. Trudy has a deep desire to support women and their families through their amazing journey from pregnancy to birth and there after. Trudy has a strong passion around pregnancy, labour and delivery, and babies and feels honoured each and every time to be able to witness the miracle of life.


Trevor and Kayla, first time parents
Trudy is an amazing doula! Both my hubby and I can attest to Trudy’s ability and knowledge. Trudy was patient and attentive throughout my long labor. She was invaluable to both me and my hubby who has said more than once "I can't imagine what it would have been like without her". Trudy normalized a scary experience for me and never let me feel alone.  
This was our first pregnancy and we both wanted to have an experienced and encouraging coach to help us along the way. Trudy was helpful in educating us in what to expect in the weeks leading up to the birth, the childbirth process itself, and what to expect postpartum.
Our daughter, Alivia, was born at the Health Science Centre on June 1st and Trudy was very professional and nurturing throughout the labor and delivery. I found her coaching, and knowledge to be invaluable. Trudy was quick to suggest laboring positions and to ask questions and make suggestions that were in my best interest. In addition to her active coaching, Trudy helped us achieve our ideal labor and delivery. Trudy was a great cheerleader in moments where I thought I would not be able to deliver the baby. She is beyond awesome and we recommend her highly. Thanks so much, Trudy!

Mercy, first time mother
When I found out I was pregnant, beyond the excitement of knowing we had a little one growing inside of me, I was petrified about the laboring and birthing process. Because of that fear, I kept saying to my husband, I needed someone there who could be objective and yet supportive during the laboring process. At first my husband was a little skeptical about the whole idea of doula because we didn't know much about them (and I wasn't doing a good job of explaining the role). However, after our very first meeting with Trudy where she went over her role and answered all out questions, I remember coming from that meeting feeling connected and knowing she would be a great fit for us. The best moment then was my husband looking at me and saying: "I like her!" My husband is not easily swayed and he had all kinds of questions for Trudy and all the answers we got were clear and so reassuring, just what we needed. Every time we talked about birth and laboring, I kept having this feeling like "I can do this, my body was made for this" and knowing that we had someone there to walk us through really just made us at that much more comfortable.

When the time came for our son to make his appearance into the world, Trudy was there to pick up the phone at midnight when we called after my water broke. She met us the hospital and I just can't say enough good things about this woman. From being there to remind me to breathe through my contractions, rubbing and massaging my back, running around to find some ice for me when the ice machine was down(!) so my husband wouldn't have to leave my side, and just being another familiar face in the room Trudy was just really present and really helpful in making the birthing process as stress free as possible for us.

The best thing for my husband and I though was how Trudy seemed provide my husband with the tools and ideas that he needed to be an awesome laboring partner. I remember thinking "He's really good at this!" and when it was all said and done, he just said to me "I looked at Trudy, saw what she was doing and just went from there." Trudy made the experience for us so special. She was there helping along but never once overshadowed my husband. She just provided what he needed to shine as my number one birth partner and really I am so glad that we made the decision to go through this first birth with her. If, or when we do baby number 2, I totally want Trudy on my team again!

Kelly, first time mother
My husband and I met Trudy while attending Hypnobabies Birthing Classes in St. John's (February – March 2014). At that time Trudy was auditing the class and we were preparing for the birth of our first baby. We got to know Trudy and learned she was working toward her Doula Certification and we asked if she would like to help us in preparation for the birth of our baby.
In the weeks leading up to our baby's birth Trudy made several home visits to offer prenatal Doula assistance for which we were very grateful. Being a new experience for us we had a lot of questions and needed help completing our birth plan in which Trudy would be attending our birth. As our plan did not go exactly as planned and we had an unexpected C-section. Trudy was not able to be there for the birth of our baby, however, she did make two postpartum home visits with us after the baby came home to again offer help and guidance with our newborn baby boy.
We found Trudy to be very knowledgeable and greatly appreciated all of the information/advice she was able to offer us both leading up to the birth of our baby and once our baby was home from the hospital. I would recommend Trudy to any friends or family who were looking for the services of a Doula.

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