R o n a l d a W a l s h

Ronalda completed the DONA International childbirth and postpartum doula workshops in 2015 and is currently accepting new clients. She also provides fertility support services to individuals and couples who are undergoing fertility treatment. Ronalda has two children and has had doula support following her second birth.

Ronalda recognizes the importance of providing unbiased, educational, understanding support for individuals and couples wherever they are on their journey to become parents. She also believes in helping women and their partners make informed decisions about their care, further empowering individuals during this incredible experience. Ronalda understands infertility often comes with challenges and stress and can provide additional support to couples during this time. Ronalda's focus is to support mothers while working with the medical team to provide excellent care.

Ronalda is a big believer in continuing education and participates regularly in training. She most recently completed the Babies in Mind course offered through the University of Warwick and the Making Babies in the 21st Century course offered through University College London. She is currently working toward her birth and postpartum doula certification. She is also certified in First Aid and CPR.

Ronalda is honoured to be invited to share this special moment with each family and welcomes the opportunity to connect and answer any questions individuals and couples may have about their childbirth journey.

Email: ronaldawalsh@yahoo.ca
Phone: 709-689-4997
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ronaldawalshdoula/





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