M i c h e l l e L e s t e r

Michelle Lester is a postpartum doula in training and is accepting new clients to complete her DONA certification. She has two wonderful sons and has been owner/operator of Coo Chi Coo (a store for mom, infant and toddler) for nine years. Her role at Coo Chi Coo gave her a unique opportunity to create inspiring connections with her customers: all stripes of moms as well as dads, siblings and families. She was given a rare glimpse into the lives of many women as they shared with her their joys and their struggles. Through her own experiences, Michelle could relate.

Looking after new mothers is as important as looking after the new baby, but it is a largely forgotten practice in the rushed pace of Western culture. Michelle believes that educated, non-judgmental support is crucial in the "4th trimester." Helping women physically and emotionally so that they can be informed, and know when and where to ask for help, empowers them so they can enjoy their new and changing family. Michelle's intention is to help mothers develop confidence in their own ability to care for their babies and make good, informed choices for themselves and their families. This is achieved through support during post-natal recovery, relieving daily household pressures so moms can rest while having their needs and baby's needs met, and by offering help over a wide spectrum - including breast feeding and/or bottle feedings, overnights, meal preparation, and chores.

Contact info: Michellelester@hotmail.com or 709-743-6135

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