M i c h e l l e L e s t e r

I am a wife and mother of two beautiful boys living in St. John's. I have completed my labor doula training with DTC Doula Training Canada.
As your doula I am your constant support during labor and will offer you one-on-one support throughout the entire birth.
I am professionally trained in all stages and phases of birth, and I have learned many comfort measures that can help you cope with the pain associated with giving birth.
I am your facilitator between you and your medical team and can relay the pros and cons of different decisions you will make during your birth.
I am knowledgeable about safe and effective movements and positioning a birthing person can use to help the natural progression of labor to take place.
I am there to relieve any stress your partner may be feeling, allowing them to be with you emotionally 100%.
Having a doula as part of your birth team has been statistically proven to improve your possibility of having a better outcome for you and your baby. In fact, World Health Organization(WHO) recommends doulas attend all births globally.

You can reach me by phone: 743-6135, on Facebook
or by email michellelester@hotmail.com
Coo Chi Coo Doula Services www.coochicoodoula.com

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