K a t i e H a r r i s o n

Katie successfully completed the birth and postpartum doula training through DONA International in 2015. She is currently accepting clients to achieve certification.

Katie first became interested in birth work after learning about the complex history of maternal care in North America. She was fascinated by the idea that women once birthed their babies surrounded and supported by women. As her friends began having babies, she became disheartened by their fears about birth. How could a once natural and celebrated process turn into something full of pain and fear?

Katie is thrilled that she can be part of a positive change as a doula - a return to mother-centered care during the birth and postpartum period. Her role is to dispel fear and support mothers and their partners by providing evidence based information and non-judgmental support during their birth and postpartum period. She believes that every woman should feel fully supported - emotionally and physically - during this important time in her life.

Katie would love to talk to you about your upcoming birth.

She can be reached at:
email: katiegraceharrison@gmail.com
phone: 709-730-9079
website: www.katieharrisonbirthservices.weebly.com

Katie is now offering Your Birth Experience childbirth education classes in St. John's. YBE is a 5-hour program delivered in the comfort of your own home and is designed to connect YOU with all your childbirth options in a unique way.


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