J e n D a n i e l s

Pregnancy, labour, birth; tears, bewilderment, frustration, surrender, relief, exhaustion, acceptance, wonder, baby, mother, family, love. Bringing about a new person into this world is perhaps the most profound of normal events.

While every person and every birth is unique, I believe that everyone deserves to birth from a safe place physically, mentally, emotionally and otherwise. As your doula, I will do everything I can to "hold the space" for you, so that you (and your partner) can be that much more free to do what you need to, to bring your baby into the world. My role is to support you and your choices, as well as to help in navigating through information resources and services throughout your pregnancy (and beyond).

My home is St. John's, where I live with my four kids, two of whom came with my husband. I have a graduate degree in human geography and a background in community-based and policy research. I completed my birth doula training in May 2015 and am currently working towards DONA certification. I enjoy laughing at my kids, being on the water and sitting down while I drink my coffee. I'm a huge fan of deep breathing.

I'd love to chat about your pregnancy and upcoming birth. I can be reached at jenniferkdaniels@gmail.com or 709-330-7131

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