D e i r d r e M a g u i r e

Deirdre is passionate about empowering parents as they welcome their little ones into the world. She is a labour and birth doula, currently certifying through Doula Training Canada. As a doula, she provides constant support, encouragement and affirmation throughout the entire birth process. Her goal is to help people get the most out of their birth experiences by being present in whichever way she is needed.

Outside of being a doula, Deirdre enjoys photography, travelling and being outdoors. She loves being surrounded by people of all kinds and is currently studying anthropology at Memorial University.

As part of your birth team, Deirdre will do her best to help facilitate your birth choices and ease fears associated with labour by giving you a safe, solutions oriented space for discussion and planning. She will draw on her knowledge of safe and effective positioning to help you cope with pain and allow labour to progress naturally. When your partner needs a break, she will be there to relieve them. If you find yourself in need of an advocate, she will make sure your wishes are heard. She will be there to support you in a nonjudgmental and positive manner every step of the way.

Deirdre would love to hear from you to arrange a consultation. She can be reached by email at doula@welcomewaves.com by call or text at 1 (709) 765-2847. You can also check out her website at welcomewaves.com or her facebook page.






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