B e t h D o w n e y

I completed my doula certification in Spring 2016 through MACFE, the oldest childbirth organization in Manitoba. A few months later I attended my first delivery, a seriously brave mom who, along with her husband, got surprised with some tough complications. 40-or-so long hours later, a new family emerged: mother, father, and a strong baby son. We were all awestruck and exhausted. And all I could think was "Let's do that AGAIN!"

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been captivated by birth and family: the physiology, the psychology, and the spirituality. Deep in my heart, I know that the sweet spot of my life lies at the intersection between things material—bodies, speech, touch, tears, blood—and things immaterial—emotion, intuition, laughter, prayer, words and the stuff too deep for words. My favourite place to be is holding the hands of men and women as they prepare themselves to cross a threshold, as they surprise themselves with strength and vulnerability by going through new experiences, feeling new feelings, doing things they've always wanted to do, or never thought they could. As a doula, I promise parents my unflagging dedication, to them and to my core values. These are Equality, Mutual Trust, Romance, Realism, Humour, and, Compassion. (You can read more about what that means here.)

Today, I am a graduate student at Memorial University of Newfoundland, in St. John's, studying English literature. I've made up nine-to-five in a few ways the last couple of years--journalism, freelancing, voice instruction, non-profit work, etc. But between the jigs and the reels, I've always kept up with reading, research, and some serious resource development for my doula practice. (Follow me on my Facebook page to stay tuned!)

Special skills/interests include: intermediate French and Spanish, Mental Health First Aid certification, very strong (amateur*) massage game, a pretty spiffy bag of kitchen tricks, and long-standing enthusiasm for botanical healing.

I would love to walk with you and your family through the next great adventure in your life. Reach me at bethdowneydoula@gmail.com, or call/text 1 (204) 392-3966.







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